Why I Chose CodeIgniter

Why I Chose CodeIgniter

I tried Joomla, Laravel and Other PHP framework but only CodeIgniter that keeps me continued using it and keep me working on my Open Source project.

With so many claims by CodeIgniter here the 3 reason I’m using it.

1. Small Footprint

Framework should only be a framework, and not fat everything under the sun that you don’t need, this also the reason CodeIgniter perform faster than others.

2. Easy To Understand

The documentation is awsome with a lot of avaialble solution if you need it, No advertising type of claims and implementation.

The learning curve is so small and programmer can easily understand becuase it’s practice real Model, View and Controller approach.

CodeIgniter also enables you to incorporate your own existing scripts, or even develop core libraries for the system, enabling you to work in a way that makes the most sense to you. – CodeIgniter

3. Fast

It’s low in coupling and high cohesion

CodeIgniter has a fairly loose approach to MVC since Models are not required. If you don’t need the added separation, or find that maintaining models requires more complexity than you want, you can ignore them and build your application minimally using Controllers and Views. – CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is faster, lighter and the least like a framework. – Rasmus

“PHP is easy programming, but hard to perfect so don’t make it complicated” – Anonymous

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